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What to do if Your Car Won’t Start?

When is the Right Time to Call a Towing Service Provider

Don’t panic when you are in an unfamiliar place and your car won’t start. There are plenty of minor issues which may cause the problem. So if your vehicle is not running, inspect the possible sources of the problem before calling a towing service provider. You will be surprised to find this out but about 55% of the individuals who book wrecker services did not actually need them, as they had problems with a run down battery or insufficient amount of gas in the tank.

If you have been involved in a car collision, however, or your vehicle is smoking then you most probably need professional assistance by an auto wrecker. Do not just call the first number you come upon, as there are a lot of scam contractors who can take a lot of money and leave you at the first auto repair shop on the way, without actually helping you much. the best thing to do is to call a friend and ask for a towing service provider recommendation and contact number. Another good idea is to find a towing company and write down its number just in case you need to deal with such situations. By doing so, you will not experience so much stress finding a reliable contractor when the damage has already been done.

Here are some of the most common false alarm signals to help you determine when your auto issue is small and you won’t need to hire a tow truck:

towing service– A clicking noise from the starter – This usually indicates a dying battery or a dead starter, which is not a serious issue at all. It’s, in fact, a common problem on 3.3 family engines as they grow older. Charge your battery as soon as you hear this sound and we guarantee that you will have no more problems.

– Problem with the ignition rotor – A perfectly running, recently tuned automobile can die and will not restart if there is a defect in the rotor. You can eliminate this problem by carrying a rotor and a cap in your trunk and replacing them. Both cost about $15 and are relatively easy to replace in 5 min. So why spend hundreds of dollars on towing services when you can solve the problem in an affordable and fast manner yourself?

– Wet engine – help it dry

– Not enough gas in the tank – fill it up if you have some container with spare fuel in your trunk or go to the nearest gas station and fill it up.

– Problems with the neutral safety switch

Whatever the issue is, hiring a towing service provider should be your last resort. If you are sure you need one Honeycutt Wrecker & Recovery Inc., of Asheville NC, can provide you with the most reasonable prices in town, as well as with quality towing equipment to serve you with. call us now and check our pricing!